Producing custom cookbooks is a time consuming activity that, depending on the size and complexity of content, can take many months to complete. While there are a number of exciting projects in production today, these are some of the books we've completed so far:

Yum! Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats
Yum! is a compilation cookbook written by Jeffrey Spear and Dara Bunjon on behalf of Microplane™ and the National Kidney Foundation. The book offers an eclectic assortment of recipes that have been donated by a veritable who's who of American culinary talent. Some of the chefs, authors and restaurateurs featured in the book include Nick Malgieri, Michele Richard, Rick Bayless, Sara Moulton, Steven Raichlen, Suvir Saran and Elizabeth Faulkner.

One reviewer describes the book as "a brief introduction" to some of the best chefs and food writers in the business. Another praises the book, stating "The sheer density of recipes virtually guarantees that you'll find a dish suitable for every palate and occasion."

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The First Coast Heritage Cookbook is a collection of recipes influenced by the ingredients and foodways of the Indigenous Indians as well as the Spanish, French, British and African settlers who inhabited the First Coast from 14,000 BC (the time archeologists tell us evidence of human habitation first appears) to 1821 (when Florida becomes a U.S. Territory).

What's surprising is how many of the foods we take for granted today did not exist prior to the arrival of European explorers and settlers. Imagine a world without pork, oranges, bananas, sugar, peaches and sweet potatoes (Spanish contributions) or apples, cherries, beef and white potatoes (British) or okra, watermelon, yams and peanuts (African). Ultimately, the style of cooking we enjoy as Southern cuisine today is the delicious and enduring legacy of these early settlers.

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