IGT Press enjoys strategic, creative and technology-oriented assistance from a handful of exceptionally talented individuals. We maintain active working relationships with these valued contributors:

Terry Rankin - President and CEO
Terry has spent her career managing and building companies. Concentrating on developing and implementing operational strategies and tactics, companies and organizations under her leadership have consistently surpassed goals and objectives to achieve fiscal success.

Terry's entrepreneurial background combined with her corporate experience guides IGT Press' business operations. Her focus is producing quality cookbooks while maintaining a profitable, effective and efficient enterprise.

Jeffrey Spear - VP, Director of Creative Services
Jeffrey enjoys a reputation as a leading marketing and creative talent working within food and beverage industries. He is the President of Studio Spear as well as co-founder of In Good Taste Press with Terry Rankin.

With more than 30 years working with food manufacturers, restaurateurs and related culinary organizations including Microplane™, Anheuser Busch, San-J and Vanns Spices, Spear brings a wealth of strategic and creative talent to every book we produce.

Spear co-authored Yum! Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats in association with Dara Bunjon.

Dara Bunjon - Public Relations
Dara is the President of Dara Does It, a food and foodservice marketing resource. She is a talented food stylist, effective public relations advocate and contributing writer to a variety of food and foodservice related publications.

Since 2004 she has maintained an award-winning food related blog called Dining Dish and co-authored her first cookbook Yum! Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats in association with Jeffrey Spear.

Dara contributes to the growth of the culinary industry as a board member for the Restaurant Association of Maryland Education Foundation, a mentor to the ProStart culinary team at the Carver Center for the Arts and Technology as well as a member of the national public relations committee for Women Chefs and Restaurateurs.

Vince Lupo - Photographer
Vince Lupo is the owner of Direction One Photography, a creative resource that, in part, produces photographic imagery for food and foodservice enterprises. A combination of technical mastery and creative training has earned Lupo an unshakable reputation for capturing images that exceed expectations.

Vince has the uncanny ability to resolve and capture complex food shots and make the resulting image luscious. No matter how many different stylists or chefs we've worked with, and regardless of the culinary focus, he gets the shot that makes audiences drool.

Vince has earned numerous personal and professional photography awards including two ADDYs, contributed to hundreds of restaurants and food-centric campaigns as well as seven cookbooks including Yum! Tasty Recipes from Culinary Greats.



The First Coast Heritage Cookbook is a collection of recipes influenced by the ingredients and foodways of the Indigenous Indians as well as the Spanish, French, British and African settlers who inhabited the First Coast from 14,000 BC (the time archeologists tell us evidence of human habitation first appears) to 1821 (when Florida becomes a U.S. Territory).

What's surprising is how many of the foods we take for granted today did not exist prior to the arrival of European explorers and settlers. Imagine a world without pork, oranges, bananas, sugar, peaches and sweet potatoes (Spanish contributions) or apples, cherries, beef and white potatoes (British) or okra, watermelon, yams and peanuts (African). Ultimately, the style of cooking we enjoy as Southern cuisine today is the delicious and enduring legacy of these early settlers.

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