Cookbooks are more popular than ever. With more than 60 million sold in North America last year, collectors are always searching for new and innovative resources for recipes. At In Good Taste Press we design, produce and publish fine cookbooks for individuals, companies, associations and non-profit organizations. Through our distribution network, cookbooks are then sold in bookstores, specialty shops and/or privately distributed to suit the author's needs.

Cookbooks are a proven and valuable component within dynamic integrated marketing campaigns and brand building activities. They enhance the enjoyment loyal customers receive from the food brands they enjoy most - from soy sauce and spices to restaurants and travel destinations. In other cases, organizations including churches, charities and other such organizations will produce cookbooks as part of their fundraising activities.

Our expertise covers every aspect of the custom cookbook publishing process. From initial creative concepts, impactful and engaging editorial content, quality printing and binding through marketing, publicity and distribution, our staff of experts go to great lengths to ensure your cookbook has all the right ingredients.

Our Cookbook Concepts
In Good Taste Press has formulated several cookbook models to effectively convey your culinary message. While each concept is unique in scope, we are able to combine different aspects of each into a custom cookbook that satisfies your desired marketing outcome. .

COMMISSIONED COOKBOOKS are typically initiated by brand owners, food producers, restaurateurs and kitchenware manufacturers. These cookbooks illustrate the specific use of their unique products, showcase ingredients or demonstrate category leadership in a new and compelling manner. Restaurateurs and chefs use this commercially viable format to enhance visibility and entice patrons into their establishments.

COMPILED COOKBOOKS feature recipes and stories collected from the members of an organization or company. Most frequently, these cookbooks tell a story about their group and generate revenue for their cause. An example of this genre is an employee cookbook that can help engage employees while building moral and camaraderie in the company. While many perceive these cookbooks to be of poor quality, IGT Press relies upon a team of experts to create beautiful, highly saleable cookbooks that are coveted by everyone in the community.

SPONSORED COOKBOOKS is a concept unique to IGT Press. Drawing from a deep network of contacts, we pair corporate sponsors and paid advertising with your cookbook idea. With the right cookbook concept, we can solicit a sufficient number of advertisers to produce a cookbook at no cost to you. In addition, you receive a percentage of the printed cookbooks to either sell or give away. IGT Press distributes the remainder of these cookbooks for sale at retail outlets (where you also share in the proceeds).

We are excited and enthusiastic about what we do at In Good Taste Press and would be proud to produce a custom cookbook for you and your organization. For further information, please call us at 904 685 2135 or send an email to



The First Coast Heritage Cookbook is a collection of recipes influenced by the ingredients and foodways of the Indigenous Indians as well as the Spanish, French, British and African settlers who inhabited the First Coast from 14,000 BC (the time archeologists tell us evidence of human habitation first appears) to 1821 (when Florida becomes a U.S. Territory).

What's surprising is how many of the foods we take for granted today did not exist prior to the arrival of European explorers and settlers. Imagine a world without pork, oranges, bananas, sugar, peaches and sweet potatoes (Spanish contributions) or apples, cherries, beef and white potatoes (British) or okra, watermelon, yams and peanuts (African). Ultimately, the style of cooking we enjoy as Southern cuisine today is the delicious and enduring legacy of these early settlers.

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